Piper Mountain Herd Management Area (CA-656)

LOCATION:   The Piper Mountain Herd Management Area is located in Inyo County, CA approximately 20 miles east of Bishop, CA. The Herd Management Area is bordered on the west side by Highway 168.
ACREAGE:     86,000 acres are managed for wild horses and wild burros
HERD SIZE:    17 horses and 82 burros
HORSE COLORS:      Brown and Bay
BURRO COLORS:     Gray, Blue and Pink
SIZE OF HORSES:     14-16 hands and 800-1000 pounds
SIZE OF BURROS:     11-12 hands and 400-600 pounds
HISTORY:       The horses in this area likely originated from historical ranching stock. The burros are thought to have been abandoned in the mid-1800s when the mining operations began to fail.
Piper Mountain Herd Management Area
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