Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area (CA-268)

LOCATION:   The Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area lies in northern Washoe County, NV. It is approximately 30 miles east of Cedarville, CA.
ACREAGE:     40,700 acres are managed for wild horses
ELEVATION: 5,000 feet to 6,800 feet
TOPOGRAPHY/VEGATATION:       The northern two-thirds of the HMA has a gentle slope with a southern aspect dissected by shallow drainage courses. The southern third of the HMA is a shallow alkali lake. Vegetation consists primarily of juniper and low sage with bluegrass, squirreltail and needlegrass in the understory.
WILDLIFE: Pronghorn, mule deer and sage grouse are common in the area.
HERD SIZE:    20 head
HORSE COLORS:      Sorrels and Bays
SIZE OF HORSES:     14-16 hands and 900-1100 pounds
HISTORY:       The horses in this area likely originated from historical ranching stock.
Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area
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