Bitner Herd Management Area (CA-267)

LOCATION:   The Bitner Herd Management Area lies in the northern Washoe County,
NV approximately 40 miles east of Cedarville, CA.
ACREAGE:     50,500 acres are managed for wild horses.
ELEVATION:  5,600 feet to 6,900 feet
TOPOGRAPHY/VEGATATION:   The Bitner Table makes up two-thirds of the area and wraps around the Massacre Lakes Basin which is a large alkali lake bed. Vegetation consists primarily of big and low sage, with an understory of bluegrass, squirreltail, needlegrass, bluebunch wheatgrass and Idaho fescue.
WILDLIFE: Wildlife consists of pronghorn, mule deer and sage grouse.
HERD SIZE:    15 to 25 head
HORSE COLORS:   Blacks and bays with some piebald
SIZE OF HORSES:  14-16 hands and 900-1100 pounds
HISTORY:  The horses in this area likely originated from historic ranching operations.
Horses in Bitner Herd Management AreaHorses in trap at Bitner

Bitner Herd Management Area map

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