Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory Herd Management Area (CA-252)

LOCATION:   The Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory is located 5 miles north of Alturas, CA in northern Modoc County, CA.
ACREAGE:     285,000 acres are managed for wild horses
ELEVATION: 4,800 feet to 5,750 feet
TOPOGRAPHY/VEGATATION:       Terrain consists of a plateau with rolling hills and mountains. Vegetation includes sagebrush/grass, juniper in stands or scattered and east side pine with an understory of bitterbrush. In some areas, there are large expanses of mountain mahogany.
WILDLIFE:  Wildlife in the area includes elk, mule deer, mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, antelope, various rodents and many different species of birds.
HERD SIZE:    325 head
HORSE COLORS:      Bay, Black and Brown
SIZE OF HORSES:     15-16 hands and 900-1200 pounds
HISTORY:       Many of the wild horses in this area exhibit draft horse characteristics and are thought to have descended from draft horse stock used on area farms and ranches, however some areas are dominated by animals with light horse breed characteristics. The US Forest Service provides management lead on this territory, with the Bureau of Land Management conducting the gathering operations and placement of animals into the adoption program.
 Map of Devils Garden Herd Management Area
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