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Red Rock Lakes Herd Management Area (CA-251)

LOCATION:   The Red Rock Herd Management Area is located 10 miles east of Macdoel, CA in northern Siskyou County, CA.
ACREAGE:     17,000 acres are managed for wild horses
ELEVATION: 4,600 feet to 6,250 feet
TOPOGRAPHY/VEGATATION: The Red Rock lakes are located at an elevation of 4,600 feet and are the central focus of the wild horse territory. The tope of the ridge, Mahogany Mountain, is 6,250 feet. Vegetation consists of big and lows sage, with an understory of Idaho fescue, squirreltail and needlegrasses. In many areas juniper has increased greatly in density and understory shrubs and grass species are absent.
WILDLIFE: Wildlife along the ridge includes mule deer, antelope, coyotes, bobcats, hawks, eagles, sage grouse, pheasant, mountain quail and mourning doves. Many waterfowl nest and rest on the lakes during years of adequate rainfall.
HERD SIZE:    25 head
HORSE COLORS:      Gray and Bay
SIZE OF HORSES:     14-16 hands and 900-1100 pounds
HISTORY:       The wild horses may have ancestry tracing back to the Spanish mustang. The Spanish bloodlines have been diluted by a large variety of horses brought into the area by pioneering ranchers.

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Red Rock Lakes Herd Management Area
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