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The High Rock Complex HMAs Adopted Horses: High Rock/Fox Hog/Wall Canyon/Nut Mountain/Bitner HMAs

The High Rock, Fox Hog, Wall Canyon, Nut Mountain, and Bitner HMAs adjoin one another to form a continual string of HMAs in northeastern Nevada, called the High Rock Complex.  Though in Nevada, these HMAs are managed by BLM California.  In 2011, BLM California gathered this complex.  Below you will see animals from these HMAs. Some from the most recent gathers and some from earlier gathers.

The High Rock Complex horses can be sizeable athletic, animals.*  Horses from this area of California and Nevada are popular due to their size and stature.  Below you will see a few examples of adopted High Rock Complex horses. 

If you have a horse that you would like to be featured on this page, please email your horse's information, what you do with him, a photo, and your contact information to

*As with any of the HMAs, these characterizations are general and no guarantee of how your adopted animal will look or behave.  Each animal is a unique individual with his/her own personality.

High Rock HMA

Here is what adopter Sandy has to say about Rocky:  We did not need another horse, and had no intention of adopting one when we attended the 2007 Napa Mustang Days. But sometimes a mustang picks a person and such was the case with Rocky; he chose Mark. Overlooked earlier in the day because folks didn’t “like” gray horses, this lanky 2- year-old blue sabino roan came home with us with the aid of a fellow volunteer and enabler who hauled him to her place overnight until we could get our trailer and go retrieve him.  He is finally being started under saddle, after an injury took him out of training, and taking to it like a fish to water. He loves attention and loves to do tricks and his repertoire continues to grow as I learn how to teach them. He and Mark share a very special connection. We all know mustangs are different, but there is something so very different about this horse. Such a lively intelligence, and he is always so engaged with those around him. Everyone who meets him comments on it. He is the most amazing horse I’ve had the privilege of knowing.
Sandy and Mark picked Wyatt up as a two-year-old at the Litchfield Corrals in 2008 to gentle as a halter project for an upcoming adoption.  They took him back to Litchfield for the adoption event where he was adopted into a new home. Wyatt was very bold, precocious, and a great deal of fun to train! 
Sandy and Mark adopted Gambit at the Litchfield corrals the summer of 2008 because he had  looked at them with the same look as another one of their horses.  And was actually gathered and prepared for adoption at the same time.  Sandy says, "Gambit was the most polite horse I have ever known and had such a kind and gentle soul. He really tried his best, as much as he was able. He taught me so much, not just about horsemanship, but about myself." 

Wall Canyon HMA

Albert adopted Coyote, a 2006 Wall Canyon HMA gelding, from a Mustang Heritage Foundation T.I.P. (Trainer Incentive Program) trainer.  Albert and Coyote enjoy trail rides and competing in trail trials in southern California.  Coyote has also been a BLM ambassador animal, as he is in this picture, taken at the Norco EMM in 2012. 
Janelle adopted Nova, a 2008 Wall Canyon HMA mare, in 2009 from the Litchfield Corrals.  Nova loves new activities.  Her latest achievement is competing in Novice level combined training.  She stands 15.1 hh and will probably mature a little taller.  She loves to jump and be in charge of her herd.  Janelle says she has gone "from a three strike pony to a four star horse."  Keep up the great work with Nova! 

Fox Hog HMA

 Doris bought Dolly from a friend of hers.  Dolly, a 2000 model, likes to go camping, trail riding, and climbing rocks, as evidenced by this photo.  Dolly has also acted as a BLM ambassador at events near her home in southern California. 
Grant Lockie, Ridgecrest Corrals facility manager, and his working horse, Bubba, are well-known amongst the California volunteers.  Bubba is a 2003 gelding that was trained for corral work at the prison in Carson City, Nevada.  He and Grant have been partners for years.  If you came to a BLM adoption in northern California, chances are you saw or met these guys.  Grant moved Bubba with him to Ridgecrest.  Now folks can meet Grant and Bubba either at the corrals or at an adoption event in southern California.