Proud Adopter Photographs

Becca on Baby Blue

Eleven year-old Becca Shearer is takes riding lessons on Baby Blue, a Devils Garden mare, adopted by Milt Riba.  Milt trained Baby Blue and upon titling was convinced by his daughter-in-law, Linda, to give her the mare.  Linda uses Baby Blue for lessons, trail riding, and dressage.  When her domestic horse got hurt, Baby Blue became the substitute in a summer dressage clinic series.  The coach was very impressed with her ability to learn and complete the exercises.  Milt swears by the mustangs and Linda has become a true believer as well. Linda says, "I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone with a bit of horse experience to take a chance on a mustang." 


Dixie LaFountain rides Otter

Otter B Good, from the Desatoya HMA in Nevada, was Dixie LaFountain's assigned horse for the 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Texas.  Otter now resides with Dixie and does just about anything she asks of him.  He is a parade veteran and has been the flag horse at the local rodeo.  He proudly carried the Adopt a Mustang flag.  Dixie  knows that anyone who meets him would think he is as an amazing horse as she does.

Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream are mother and daughter from the Johnnie HMA in Southern Nevada.  Their adopter, Carol Belmore, uses these girls to pull her wagons.

Sandy and Roscoe at the Placerville adoption

Sandy Davitt and her horse, Roscoe, work as ambassadors for the Wild Horse and Burro Program at the Placerville adoption.  Roscoe is from the Shawave Mountain HMA in Nevada.  Sandy and Roscoe enjoy riding the local trails and talking to folks they meet about the mustangs.  Roscoe enjoys meeting children on his ventures.

Ashley Stevenson and Jethro the burro

Ashley Stevenson poses on Jethro, a burro from the Blue Wings HMA in Nevada. 

Lakota over a fence in a hunter class

Lakota is from the Little Owyhee HMA in Nevada.  His owner Darlene Stevenson says, "he does it all...parades, drill team, ranch/arena sorting, team penning, time and game events, and jumps."  Darlene and her family enjoy doing many things with their mustangs and burros.  She says, "We enjoy the fact that our horss can do anything that you ask them."


Piney was a nuisance horse from the Pine Nut HMA in western Nevada.  Born in 2007, he is now a happy pony showing off for his adopter Nancy Kerson.

Jill Owens and Gypsy

Jill Owens competes in dressage with Gypsy, a mare from the Trinity Range HMA in Nevada.

Donna and Cactus Rose

Donna Kelly and Cactus Rose, (nee Tina Turner), compete in competitive trail rides.  Donna adopted Cactus Rose at the Western States Mustang Challenge, 2008.

Adopter Necole holds her horse Jack

At Napa Mustang Days, Necole permitted her horse Jack to be used in a training demonstration. Necole is currently saddle training Jack, from the Nevada Wild Horse Range.  Jack was initially gentled as a halter project by one of the wild horse and burro volunteers. 

Linda Stine holds her horse, Bob, from the McGavin Peaks wild horse territory, while talking to potential adopters at Napa Mustang Days.