Compliance with the Wild Horse & Burro Program 

In 1997, California took a new approach to conducting compliance inspections. In 2005, California developed a pilot program to increase the number of volunteers that were qualified to assist with the compliance inspections. Currently, California conducts an average 1200 inspections each year with the assistance of volunteers.
A compliance inspection is conducted within the first six months of adoption. The inspection consists of the following:
Animal overview:         Condition score of the animal (thin, normal, overweight)
                                    Current vaccinations
                                    Hooves Trimmed
                                    Evidence of Abuse, neglect or injury
Feed and water:          Adequate feed – quality and quantity
                                    Water - clear, clean and sufficient quantity
Facility:                        Corral size and construction material
The compliance inspector will assist the adopter, when possible, with locating farriers, trainers or veterinarians in their area to assist them with their newly adopted animal. 
If you need assistance with your animal please contact the closest BLM office or Corrals, or call 916-978-4678.