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Butte County Golden Clover
(Trifolium jokerstii )
Legume Family (Fabaceae)

Butte County Golden Clover
Photo by Joe Molter, BLM

Description: Annual herb that is erect to ascending with simple to branched, hairless stems, 8 inches (20 cm) long, from fibrous taproot.  Leaves consisting of three leaflets that are elliptic to obovate, with or without a prominent white to dark purple chevron, hairless, usually with serrulate edges and sessile to a leaf stalk that can be 3 9/16 inches (90 mm) long.  Inflorescence almost globe-shaped, 10-30 flowered, 1/2 to 1 3/16 inches (12 to 30 mm) wide, golden-yellow to sulfur-yellow in color, on flower stalks longer than the leaves.

Distribution: Central Butte County, north of Oroville.

Habitat: Usually found in vernal swales, occasionally along edges of ephemeral streams banks and rarely along vernal pool edges within valley and foothill grassland and cismontane woodlands on volcanic substrates from 250 to 1300 feet (75 to 400 m) in elevation.

Flowering Period: March through May

Similar Plants: Trifolium barigerum and T. grayi, from which it differs in stipule shape, flower color, seed size and lack of pubescence.

Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B

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Last updated: 08-05-2010