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Red Mountain Stonecrop
(Sedum eastwoodiae )
Stonecrop Family (Crassulaceae)

Red Mountain Stonecrop
BLM Photograph

Description: Red Mountain Stonecrop is a perennial herb/succulent that stands 2.7-7.1 inches (7-19 centimeters) tall. Leaves form rosettes that are 0.8-2.7 inches (1-6 centimeters) in diameter, rosette leaves are 0.8-1.14 inches (10-29 millimeters) wide, widest ± 0.34 inches (6 millimeters) below the tip, .07 - .2 inches (2-5 millimeters) thick, rounded to barely notched. Leaves on the stem stalk are .2 - .7 inches (4-17 millimeters), base truncate to rounded. Blooms are composed of 10-26 pink to dark red flowers; anthers light red or ± purple.

Distribution: Known from only three occurences on Red Mountain east of Leggett and protected on Red Mountain Area of Critical Environmental Concern (BLM).

Habitat: Serpentine soils among rock outcrops; elevation 1,768- 3,737 feet (600-1,200 meters).

Flowering Period: Blooms May through July

Similar Plants: Geographically distinct

Status: Federal ; California State Endangered; and California Native Plant Society List 1B.

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Last updated: 08-05-2010