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Tracy's Sanicle
(Sanicula tracyii )
Umbel family (Apiaceae)

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Description: Tracy's sanicle is a biennial herb that is 14-24 inches (35-60 centimeters) tall. It is single stemmed with few branches, purplish near base, with a slender taproot. It's leaves are 1.0-1.4 inches (2.5-3.5 centimeters) long, trinangular in shape, 3-5 lobes, green or purplish, serrated margins; basal leave few. It's bloom consists of 6-10 yellow flowers occurring in clusters. It's distinguishing fruit is round, 0.1 inch in diameter (2-3 millimeters wide), covered with small nodules, the upper few bearing prickles, seed face concave.

Distribution: Butte, Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity, and Tehama counties.

Habitat: Occurs on dry, gravelly flats and slopes in oak woodland and grassland communities and along the margins where oak woodland and mixed evergreen forest communities meet. Elevation 328 - 3,280 feet (100-1,000 meters).

Flowering Period: Blooms April through July

Similar Plants: Similar plants includeSanicula crassicaulis which is a perennial,but its foliage does not turn yellow (as in S. tracyi) and fruit are prickly all over.Sanicula tuberosa has a tuber-shaped tap root. Osmorhiza chilensis is similar as well, but it's fruit are not round but rather in three spreading long skinny pods.

Status: This is on List 4, (watch list of the CA Native Plant Society) and is not a BLM sensitive species.  California Native Plant Society List 1B and Bureau of Land Management Sensitive.

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