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Sanford's Arrowhead
(Sagittaria sanfordii )
Alismataceae (water-plantain family)

Sanford's Arrowhead
Photo by J. Molter, BLM

Description: Emersed aquatic perennial from rhizome and spheric tubers.  Emergent leaf blades are 5.5 to 10 inches (14 to 25 cm), linear and 3-angled to narrowly ovate.  Does not have arrow shaped leaves like other Sagittaria.  Flowers in several whorls, located well below leaf ends, having white petals, with the lowest whorl having three flowers that have pistils but lack stamens and recurved pedicels that thicken when in fruit.

Distribution: Within the public lands administered by the Redding Field Office, this species can be found in Tehama County on the eastside of the Sacramento Valley, northeast of Red Bluff in grassland/oak woodlands.

Habitat: Occurs in shallow, standing, fresh water and sluggish waterways within the following:  marshes, swamps, ponds, vernal pools and lakes, resevoirs, sloughs, ditches, canals, streams and rivers at elevations from 10 to 2000 feet (3 to 610 meters).

Flowering Period: Late May to August

Similar Plants: This plant looks similar to Alisima species, except its pistils (and fruits) are arranged in a spheric cluster, no in one whorl.

Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B

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Last updated: 08-05-2010