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Black Rock Potentilla
(Potentilla basaltica )

Black Rock Potentilla; Photo Copyright 1990 Dean Wm. Taylor
Photo Copyright 1990 Dean Wm. Taylor

Description: An herbaceous perennial with prostrate, glabrous stems 20 inches (5 dm) that become purplish with age.  The sparsely ciliate, pinnate leaves are rosette forming and prostrate. Bright yellow flowers occur in loose clusters at the end of the stems; the inflorescence is cymose and may appear racemose.  Each of the 5 (occasionally 4) petals has a notch at the tip.

Distribution: Soldier Meadows in NW Nevada and within the Black Rock-High Rock Emigrant Trails NCA (Winnemucca BLM).  The only other occurrence is in the Ash valley ACEC/RNA administered by the AFO.

 Habitat: In CA: subalkaline meadow near the sagebrush-eastside pine zone. In NV: moist salt crusted clay in alkaline meadows, seeps, and marsh habitats bordering thermal springs, outflows, and meadow depressions on southeast slopes.  4,330 to 4,580 feet (1,320 to 1,396 m) in NV and 5,000 to 5, feet (1,525 to 1,586 m) in CA.

 Flowering Period: May to July (August).

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Status: Federal Candidate, BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B.3; Federal Candidate; Nevada Native Plant Society Threatened.

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