Grimy Ivesia
(Ivesia rhypara var. rhypara )

Grimy Ivesia
Photo Copyright James L. Reveal. Courtesy of Smithsonian

Description: Low, spreading, perennial herb from a branched woody base. Leaves covered with dense, grayish white hairs, 1- 3 inches (3-8 cm) long with 5-15 pairs of tightly overlapping, 3-5 lobed leaflets. Sepals 5, triangular. Petals 5, white, 1/16 inch (.8-1.5 mm). Stamens 5 and 1-2 pistils.

 Identifying Features:

1. Tightly overlapping leaflets.
2. 5 stamens and 1-2 pistils.
3. Herbage covered with dense, grayish white hairs.

 Distribution: Scattered occurrences with three sites in Washoe County, Nevada, one in Malheur County, Oregon, and one in Elko County, Nevada. Within public lands administered by the Surprise Field Office there are three populations along Yellow Rock Canyon about two miles west of High Rock Canyon.

Habitat: Loose, loamy, volcanic tuff slopes in sagebrush type from 4,000 to 5,500 feet (1219 to 1676 meters).

Flowering Period: May - October

Similar Plants: Ash Creek Ivesia (Ivesia paniculata) but has 2-3 pistils, tighter overlap, leaves less covered with grayish white hairs, and occurs only in California. Any Ivesia found on public lands administered by the Surprise, Alturas or Eagle Lake field offices is listed and requires recognition.

Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society NV Watch


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