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Stebbins's Harmonia
(Harmonia stebbinsii )
Asteraceae (sunflower family)

Stebbins's Madia
BLM Photograph

Description: Slender erect annual, stems 2 to 10 inches (5 to 25 cm) tall, branching near base and above, leaves linear, 1/2 to 1 inch (12 to 25 mm) long mostly crowned at stem bases and branches with inrolled margins, bright yellow daisy-like flowers with yellow anthers.

Distribution: On public lands administered by the BLM's Redding Field Office, near the intersection of North Coast Ranges and Klamath Ranges at the junction of Tehama, Trinity and Shasta Counties and southwestern Tehama County.

Habitat: Unique to shallow, rocky, soils rich in magnesium and iron, from 2100 to 6000 ft. (640 to 1830m) in elevation.

Flowering Period: May to July.

Similar Plants: Niles's harmonia (H. doris-nilesiae), slender tarweed (Madia gracilis), and common madia ( M. elegans), may also grow on serpentine soil, but have dark anthers.

Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B

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Field Office: Redding

Last updated: 08-05-2010