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Mendocino Gentian
(Gentiana setigera )
Gentian family (Gentianaceae)

Mendocino Gentian
Photo 1999 BLM, Arcata Field Office

Description: Mendocino Gentian is a perennial and its stems arise laterally below a radiating cluster of leaves (rosette). The plant is decumbent (mostly lying flat but with tips curving up). Leaves are clustered near the base of the plant and are 0.8- 3.7 inches (25-85 millimeters) long, 0.2- 0.6 inches (5-15 millimeters) wide, spoon-shaped, obovate (egg shaped, widest above middle), tip obtuse; leaves going up the stem are many, 0.8-1.2 inches (10-30 millimeters) long, 0.2- 0.66 inches (5-17 millimeters) wide, elliptic (flattened circle) shaped. Flowers are blue, petals are 25 and 1.4-2.0 inches (35-50 millimeters) long, elliptic-obovate (combination of a flattend circle and an invert egg shape) with long tapered sharp tips.

Distribution: Occurs in Del Norte and Mendocino counties, and in southwest Oregon. Mendocino Gentian does occur on BLM's Red Mountain Area of Critical Environmental Concern east of Leggett.

Habitat: Occurs in wet mountain bogs and meadows; elevation 3,194 feet (1,065 meters)

Flowering Period: Blooms August through September

Similar Plants: Distinct

Status: California Native Plant Society List 1B and Bureau of Land Management Sensitive.

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Field Office: Arcata

Last updated: 08-05-2010