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Brandegee's Eriastrum
(Eriastrum brandegeae )
Polemoniaceae (phlox family)

Brandegee's Eriastrum
Photo Copyright 1997 Dean Wm. Taylor

Description: Annual herb, 2 to 12 inches (5 to 30 cm) tall. Woolly leaves with 2 to 6 thread-like lobes. Flowers white to pale blue, fused into a tube for 1/2 or more of their length. Flower petals longer than sepals. Flowers grouped terminally in very hairy heads.

Distribution: Within the public lands administered by the Redding Field Office, this species is found on the eastern edge of the Northern Coast Ranges and western edge of the Interior Coast Ranges.

Habitat: Primarily found growing in dry, sandy soils derived from outcrops of shale, sandstones, conglomerates and volcanic substrates on gentle slopes of ridge tops, benches and along toe of slopes in small areas containing little to no vegetation. Many times found in association with natural and man caused disturbances, such as wind blown hill and ridge tops and deposits along slope toes and along trail and road edges. Found in pine forests or chaparral communities at elevations of 1500 to 2600 feet (500 to 800 m).

Flowering Period: June to July

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Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B

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