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Leafy Reed Grass
(Calamagrostis foliosa )
Grass Family (Poaceae)

Leafy Reed Grass
BLM Photograph

Description: Leafy reed grass is a perennial that grows 12-24 inches (30-60 centimeters) tall in tufted bunches. It's leaves are mostly basal with flower spikes ranging from 1.7- 4.7 inches (5-12 centimeters) long that are dense and narrow. Individual spikelets have scabrous glumes that are .3-.4 inches (8-10 millimeters) long and lemmas that are .2-.24 inches (5-6 millimeters), with a bent and twisted awn near base, extending .2 inches (5+ millimeters) beyond glume tips.

Distribution: It's distribution ranges from Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties.

Habitat: Occurs on rocky, steep, sandstone bluffs and cliffs in north coast scrub and interior serpentine barrens; lodgepole pine forest and western white pine forest communities; elevation 0-4,000 feet (0-1,220 meters ).

Flowering Period: Blooms May through August

Similar Plants: Calamagrostis nutkaensis can be found on the coast as well as leafy reed grass, but is more robust and the leaves are much broader 4-7 sometimes 10 millimeters wide as opposed to 1-2 millimeters wide.

Status:  California State Rare and California Native Plant Society List 4.

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Last updated: 08-05-2010