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Lane Mountain Milk-Vetch
(Astragalus jaegerianus )

Lane Mountain Milkvetch; Photo Copyright 1985 California Native Plant Society
Photo Copyright 1985 CNPS

Description: A many branched, weak-stemmed perennial that uses perennial shrubs for support, and is found entangled in them.  Sparsely leaved with pinnately compound leaves (2-5cm long), composed of leaflets 7-15mm in length.  Small, dull purple papilionoid flower.  Fruit is a pendent pod 20-40mm in length with a partition that divides the pod into two cells. 

Distribution: Known only from four populations on and to the southwest of Fort Irwin, CA, in the vicinity of the Paradise Range, Lane Mountain, and Coolgardie Mesa. 

Habitat: Found in Joshua Tree Woodlands and Mohavean Desert Scrub between 900 and 1200m.  Prefers shallow, sandy to gravelly soils derived from Jurassic or Crutaceous granidiorite.  It is found mostly on low ridges and rocky low hills where bedrock is at or near the surface.  Uses perennial shrubs as trellises to support its weak stems, and has been associated with California buckwheat (Eriogonum fasiculatum), joint-fir (Ephedra nevadensis), and goldenbush (Ericameria cooperi).  

Flowering Period: April-June

Similar Plants: None

Status: Federal Endangered, California Native Plant Society List 1B

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