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Jepson's Onion
(Allium jepsonii )

Jepson's onion
BLM Photograph

Description: A perennial herb standing 10-16 inches (25-40 cm), with single cylindric leave more or less the same length as the stem.  Inflorescence consists of 20-60 flowers 1/4 to 3/8 inches (7-8.5 mm) in length and are white in color with deep pink midveins.  Grows from a bulb, 5/8 to1 inch (15-25 mm) in size with a red-brown to gray outer coat.

Distribution: This species is known mostly from Butte County in northern California.  The single occurrence further south is on Table Mountain in  Tuolumne County.  This occurrence is mostly on private land but extends onto a small parcel of land managed by BLM.

Habitat: Found in woodlands of broadleaved (especiallly oak) and coniferous trees, usually on slopes of serpentine or volcanic rock, from 984 to1968 feet (300-600 m). At the Tuolumne County site, the plants grow in full sun in the thin rocky soils atop a volcanic table.

Flowering Period: May-June

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Status: BLM Sensitive, California Native Plant Society List 1B

Field Office: Mother Lode

Last updated: 08-05-2010