Special Status Plants of the Hollister Field Office

This plant guide identifies the special status plants that are known to occur on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management, but they may only be suspected on land administered by the Hollister Field Office.  To view a photograph and more information on an individual plant, click on the plant's common name below. To see a complete list of all plants, regardless of if it is known or suspected, click here.

Boggs Lake Hedge Hyssop

Boggs Lake Hedge Hyssop

Gratiola heterosepala
Brewer's Clarkia; Photo Copyright Roxanne Bittman and CNPS

Brewer's Clarkia

Clarkia breweri
California Jewelflower; Photo Copyright 1993 William Sleuter

California Jewelflower

Caulanthus californicus
Carmel Valley Bush; Photo Copyright 1992 Dean Wm. Taylor

Carmel Valley Bush-Mallow

Malacothamnus palmeri var. involucratus
Coast Wallflower; Photo Copyright James R. Griffin and CNPS

Coast Wallflower

Erysimum ammophilum
Congdon's Tarplant; Photo Copyright 2002 John Game

Congdon's Tarplant

Centromadia parryi ssp. congdonii
Contra Costa Goldfields; Photo Copyright 1998 John Game

Contra Costa Goldfields

Lasthenia conjugens
Eastwood's Goldenbush; Photo Copyright Beatrice F. Howitt California Academy of Sciences

Eastwood's Goldenbush

Ericameria fasciculata
No Picture available

Hall's Tarplant

Deinandra halliana
Hooker's Manzanita; Photo Copyright 1992 Dean Wm. Taylor

Hooker's Manzanita

Arctostaphylos hookeri ssp. hookeri
Hoover's Eriastrum; Photo Copyright 1986 Dean Wm. Taylor

Hoover's Woolystar

Eriastrum hooveri
Indian Valley bush mallow; Photo Copyright Beatrice F. Howitt California Academy of Sciences

Indian Valley Bush Mallow

Malacothamnus aboriginum
Jones' tidytips; Photo Copyrigh Gary A. Monroe. San Luis Obispo Co., CA

Jones' Layia

Layia jonesii
No Picture available

Mariposa Lupine

Lupinus citrinus var. deflexus
Monterey Manzanita; Photo Copyright Beatrice F. Howitt California Academy of Sciences

Monterey Manzanita

Arctostaphylos montereyensis
Monterey Spineflower; Photo Copyright 1990 Dean Wm. Taylor

Monterey Spineflower

Chorizanthe pungens var. pungens
Mt. Hamilton jewelflower; Photo Copyright Brother Alfred Brousseau, Courtesy of St. Mary's College of California.

Mount Hamilton Jewel-Flower

Streptanthus callistus
No Picture available

Mouse Buckwheat

Eriogonum nudum var. murinum
Mt. Hamilton Coreopis; Photo Copyright 1994 Dean Wm. Taylor

Mount Hamilton Coreopsis

Coreopsis hamiltonii
Pale-yellow Tidytips; Photo Copyright 2003 Christopher L. Christie

Pale-Yellow Layia

Layia heterotricha
Panoche Pepper-grass; Photo Copyright 1988 Dean Wm. Taylor

Panoche Pepper-Grass

Lepidium jaredii ssp. album
Rayless Layia; Photo Copyright James R. Griffin and CNPS

Rayless Layia, Rayless Tidytips

Layia discoidea
Byron Larkspur; Photo Copyright 2003 Dianne Fristrom

Recurved Larkspur

Delphinium recurvatum
Sandmat Manzanita; Photo Copyright 2004 Aaron Schusteff

Sandmat Manzanita

Arctostaphylos pumila
Sand Gilia; Photo Copyright 1994 Dean Wm. Taylor

Sand Gilia

Gilia tenuiflora ssp. arenaria
Santa Clara Thornmint; Photo Copyright 1997 Lee Dittmann

Santa Clara Thorn-Mint

Acanthomintha lanceolata
Santa Cruz Clover; Photo Copyright 1997 Doreen L. Smith

Santa Cruz Clover

Trifolium buckwestiorum
San Benito Evening Primrose; Photo Copyright 2002 California Native Plant Society

San Benito Evening-Primrose

Camissonia benitensis
San Benito Fritillary; Photo Copyright 1998 John Game

San Benito Fritillary

Fritillaria viridea
San Benito Hills Coyote Mint; Photo Copyright 2003 Dr. Mark S. Brunell

San Benito Monardella

Monardella antonina ssp. benitensis
San Benito Spineflower; Photo Copyright 1999 Dean Wm. Taylor

San Benito Spineflower

Chorizanthe biloba var. immemora
No Picture available

San Benito Thorn-Mint

Acanthomintha obovata ssp. obovata
San Joaquin Valley Orcutt Grass; Photo Copyright 2002 Joshua D. Boldt

San Joaquin Valley Orcutt Grass

Orcuttia inaequalis
No Picture available

San Joaquin Woolly Threads

Monolopia congdonii
Seaside Bird's-Beak

Seaside Bird's-Beak

Cordylanthus rigidus ssp. littoralis
Showy Madia, Golden Madia; Photo Copyright 1995 Dean Wm. Taylor

Showy Madia

Madia radiata
No Picture available

Slender Pentachaeta

Pentachaeta exilis ssp. aeolica
South Coast Range Bindweed; Photo Copyright 2003 Keir Morse

South Coast Range Morning-Glory

Calystegia collina ssp. venusta
Prickly Spineflower; Photo Copyright 1982 California Native Plant Society

Straight-Awned Spineflower

Chorizanthe rectispina
Succulent Owl's Clover

Succulent Owl's Clover

Castilleja campestris ssp. succulenta
Talus Fritillary; Photo Copyright 1981 Lee Dittmann

Talus Fritillary

Fritillaria falcata
Western Heermann's Buckwheat; Photo Copyright 1998 Dean Wm. Taylor

Western Heerman's Buckwheat

Eriogonum heermannii var. occidentale

Special status plants are those plants whose survival is of concern due to 1) their limited distribution, 2) low number of individuals and/or populations, and 3) potential threats to habitat.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) uses the term "special status plants" to include: 1) Federal endangered, threatened,proposed and candidate species; 2) California State endangered, threatened, and rare species; and 3) BLM Sensitive plants. Sensitive plants are those species that do not occur on Federal or state lists, but which are designated by the BLM State Director for special management consideration.

It is BLM policy to manage for the conservation of special status plants and their associated habitats and to ensure that actions authorized, funded, or carried out do not contribute to the need to list any species as threatened or endangered.