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Special Recreation Permit


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Do I Need A Permit?

How Do I Apply?

BEFORE YOU START – MAKE SURE THIS APPLICATION CAN BE TURNED IN 180 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT OR ACTIVITY (More or less time may be needed to complete work on your permit.  Contact the appropriate BLM Field Office for additional information.)

DO NOT ENTER THE PERMIT NUMBER. The authorized official will assign a permit number.

1.  Mark the appropriate box as to whether or not this is a new application or a renewal of an existing permit.

2.  Enter the name of your business, including the department, or the name of your organization. 

3.  Enter the first, middle and last name of the person applying for the permit, or the point of contact for the organization.

4.  Enter your address or the address of your organization.

5.  Enter your business telephone number and/or your  home or mobile telephone number (the best number where we can reach you during the week day).

6.  Please provide a fax number, if you have one.

7.  Please provide an email address where we can reach you electronically.

8.  Please provide the website for your businesss or organization, if applicable.

9.  Please mark the appropriate box to identify if you are an: individual, corporation, or government agency. (see note about attaching Articles of Incorporation for Corporations).

10.  Names and phone number of other individuals (in addition to the person listed in #3 above, who are authorized to discuss the permit with BLM.

11.  Please check the appropriate boxes (all that apply) of the type of permit you are requesting.  Definitions are found on page 3 of this (2930-1) application form or on the What is a Special Recreation Permit webpage.

12.  Enter the name and legal description of the public land that you would like to use for your event or activity and attach a map of the area. The map should indicate the track or course, and describe all facilitates that you will be providing, such as portable restrooms, concession stand areas, registration area, first aid areas, etc.   If you have a GIS shape file, you may provide that as well. Contact the appropriate BLM Field Office for further information.

13.  Describe the purpose of the event or activity. State the projected number of participants and spectators.

14.  Fill in the arrival date and the departure date.

15.  Check the box that applies regarding any past permits with BLM/USFS/NPS.  If you check “yes” to any of the questions in 15 (a-e), please provide a detailed explanation on a separate piece of paper.

16.  Sign the application and affirm that you have read the General Terms listed on page 2 of the 2930-1 application. If you are filling out the application on-line, print two copies and sign each copy. Send one original along with a minimum deposit of $105, plan of operation and safety/medical plan to the appropriate BLM Field Office and keep the other original for your records. You will not be able to save the information that you entered.

Contact the appropriate BLM Field Office regarding completion of the following information:

1. A map of the area, the course or track, and all facilities that you will be providing.

2. An operation plan, or safety/medical plan.

3. A description of events if you or your organization have, with any previous permits, forfeited any portion of the permit, bond, or surety or if any investigation or legal action is pending against you for use of public lands.

4. Proof of private landowner or other agency permission.

5. Proof of insurance.

FORM:  Special Recreation Permit Application

Fill out the Special Recreation Permit Application on-line form and print two copies of the completed document; sign both copies. Send one of the originals to the appropriate BLM Field Office and keep the other original copy for your own records.

Note:  You will not be able to save the form and information you entered on the form, unless you are using the full Adobe Acrobat Pro software.  Adobe Reader is not the full version.