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man shooting a rifleHunting and Target Shooting

Guide to Maps

Hunting is permitted on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), State of California hunting regulations must be followed.

Target Shooting is allowed on public lands, except when prohibited by other state laws and federal regulations.  Please check with your local BLM field office for additional information.

  • Provide your own targets
  • Remove your debris when you leave, including targets, gun shells, and clay pigeons.
  • Remember, it is illegal to deface or destroy trees, signs, outbuildings, or other objects on federal lands.   
  • Use paper targets only. 
  • Shooting glass objects is prohibited. 

The BLM allows the use of firearms on public lands and  cooperates with state authorities in the enforcement of firearms regulations. 

Persons have permission of the BLM to possess and use firearms on BLM-administered public lands, including lawfully registered assault weapons, except when prohibited by other applicable laws and regulations.

Proper Access to public lands must be through public roads.  Crossing private lands to access public lands is not permitted, unless you first obtain permission from the private landowner.  Surface management maps may help you in locating public lands.

Safe and prudent actions should be followed at all times, for example, never shoot over trails and roadways, and always use a berm as a backstop.  The BLM is a multi-use agency, so please be aware of the other visitors who may be using the same areas for other recreational uses such as camping, hiking, biking, and rock-hounding.

If you have questions on areas that may be appropriate for hunting or shooting, you are encouraged to contact the BLM Field Office having jurisdiction over the area:

    • Map of Field Office boundaries and locations
    • List of Field Office addresses and telephone numbers
Other sites with hunting-related information:

Hunting and Target Shooting Maps

Do you want to hunt or target shoot on public lands but don't know where they are located?  Purchase BLM Surface Management Maps that show land ownership by color and includes public and private land, roads, and more.  These maps are helpful to hunters, recreationists, and individuals seeking to do business on public lands.  The cost is $4.00 per map.   

Don't know which map you need?   Look at this Index

The following online hunting and target shooting maps are provided courtesy of BLM field offices. The maps do not display specific shooting sites.  All federal, state, and county regulations apply to public lands.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws and regulations.

 General Information

Online Maps

Eagle Lake 
El Centro

Coyote Mountains  Wilderness
Superstition Mountain
West Mesa

Central Coast

Condon Peak
Curry Mountain
Griswold Hills
Laguna Mountain
Panoche Hills
Tumey Hills
Williams Hill

Mother Lode Cronan Ranch Hunting


Palm Springs 

Sacramento River Bend

Ukiah Cow Mountain Recreation Area
 - South Cow Mountain OHV Area
 - North Cow Mountain
Cache Creek
 - West Zone
 - East Zone
 - South Zone
Cedar Roughs
Indian  Valley/Walker Ridge


Field Office Jurisdiction Map

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