Leasing at Searles Lake

Searles LakeSearles Lake is located in the community of Trona (population 3,500), in northwest San Bernardino County, California. Searles Lake has been dedicated to mining since the early 1900s and produces about 20 percent of the boron in the United States. Mining at Searles Lake produces borax and soda ash for use in glass manufacturing, fiberglass, detergents, water treatment, and agricultural fertilizers.  Mine Operator, Searles Valley Minerals (SVM), provides direct employment to 800 personnel, and additional employment for contractors and support services. SVM is the largest employer in Trona and the second largest employer for nearby Ridgecrest (population 30,000).

Mining at Searles Lake is being conducted in accordance with an operating plan first approved by the Federal government in 1974, with various modifications approved by BLM. Minerals are of mixed Federal and private ownership, with eight potassium and 22 sodium Federal leases in the mining area. A Production Allocation Agreement signed by BLM and SVM is used to ensure ultimate maximum recovery of the mineral resources, and track production from the Federal and private mineral reserves. In-situ solution mining methods and plant beneficiation cycles are used for mineral production at Searles Lake.

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