Noncompetitive Oil and Gas Lease Offer Filing
Day After Sale

Listed below are the statistics concerning California´s noncompetitive (NC) for the single day following the oral auction held March 14, 2001

NONCOMPETITIVE   STATISTICS                                             March-2001              

OFFERS FILED                                                                                      6

PARCELS WITH PRE-SALE OFFERS                                               1
   THAT WERE NOT SOLD                                                                

PARCELS AVAILABLE FOR NCO                                                    10

PARCELS RECEIVING OFFERS                                                          4
   % PARCELS RECEIVING OFFERS                                                  40%

PARCELS RECEIVING MULTIPLE OFFERS                                    2

ACRES WITH PRE-SALE OFFERS                                                    1,983.60
   THAT WERE NOT SOLD                  

ACRES AVAILABLE FOR NCO                                                         7,387.22

ACRES RECEIVING OFFERS                                                              1,354.26 
   % ACRES RECEIVING OFFERS                                                      18%

TOTAL RENTAL COLLECTED (all parcels)                                    $3,708.00

RENTAL FEES RETAINED                                                                 $2,034.00

FILING FEES COLLECTED                                                                 $450.00

TOTAL FEES RETAINED                                                                   $2,484.00

TOTAL DEPOSIT                                                                                 $4,158.00

REFUND                                                                                                 $1,674.00


March 19, 2001


Parcels from the March 16, 2000, Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale
With Noncompetitive Offers Filed On

*CA 3-00-4                 
  CA 3-00-5
  CA 3-00-27
*CA 3-00-41

* Parcels with more than one offer filled.  A drawing will be held at 10:00a.m., Monday,  March 23, 2001.  Any questions regarding the above should be directed to Bonnie Edgerly at (916) 978-4370.