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Quick Facts
  • 44.7 million acres subsurface mineral estate underlies federal surface land, 2.5 million acres underlies private lands, and 592,000 acres underlies Native American Tribal land
  • 165,000 ounces of gold produced annually
  • 166 active mineral sales contracts, more than $40 million in contract value, generated over $500,000 in annual revenue.  

The BLM California mineral program is liable for adjudicative duties associated with federal mining claims, minerals surveys and patents, validation of tittle evidence, review of mineral
validity reports, service of federal minerals content of actions, guidance for surface use management  and use and occupancy under the mining laws; processing mineral lease applications, mineral materials, solid minerals prospecting permits, bonding documentation, and oil and gas reinstatement actions, coordinating oil and gas lease sales; and preparation and service of decisions, notice and other legal documentation.

Minerals and Mining

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Protecting Wildlife from mining claim marker-related mortality brochure.      Protecting Wildlife From Mining claim marker- related mortality flyer. 
Protecting Wildlife From Mining claim marker-related mortality