Waste dumping has increased on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands. Illegal waste contaminates BLM land, causing harm to public health and environment, and impacts BLM's ability to protect public health and safety.

Waste found on BLM public lands include:

Illegal dumping on BLM public lands. Photo by S. White, BLM.



  • dumping goods
  • yard wastes
  • house hold trash and hazardous waste
  • vehicles
  • furniture
  • construction debris
  • clandestine drug labs  


Maintenance and monitoring are require for current and previous remediated sites.

If you find any item suspected of such case, notify local law enforcement officials immediately.  Note the location of the suspicious item, but DO NOT touch or disturb the suspicious item. 


The 3 R's

            and Report
Your Safety is Number ONE!