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Hazardous Material Management


Tires that were illegal disposed on public lands along Defender Grae near Pioneer, Caifornia in Amador County. Total tires rmoved from this illegal dump site were approximately 300.
Tires illegally disposed on Public Lands near Pioneer, California.  

This is a former occupancy trespass site in Nevada County. The puicture shows the trailer the trespasser was livingin and the trash he left on BLM land when he left the site.
A trailer used used by a trespasser and the trash he left on BLM land when he left the site.

A backhoe reaching down a steep slopes in order to pull up trash that was deposited over the edge of the slope. The site is Parker mine, Amador County.
Backhoe pulling up trash that was deposited over the edge of the Parker Mine, Amador county.

Hazardous Materials Management (HazMat) program is prepared to take appropriate actions and manage the land that has been contaminated with hazardous substances. Typical HazMat vulnerabilities include:

  • hazardous waste and spills 
  • structure and vehicular fire 
  • explosions
  • illegal dumps
  • illegal drug operations 
  • and unexploded ordnance.

These conditions may damage public  health, safety, land, and/or endanger the environment.

Before BLM takes action on HazMat sites,  site evaluation and prioritizing of cleanups coincide with applicable laws and regulations, including partnerships that help determine hazards of the sites.

To clean- up restore and preserve previous damaged public lands the HazMat fallows a series of procedures:

  1. Investigation and Assessment:   initiation of site characterization, classification and analysis
  2. Clean up: removal of hazardous materials are removed, neutralized, cleaned up, or otherwise handled with the ultimate goal of making the location safer for the public and  environment
  3. Consult/Cooperation : state, local, and community agencies work to leverage funds and prioritize needs
  4. Restoration and Maintain: maintain sites that have been restored and where damage has been mitigated


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