Fire Program

The BLM works with other agencies and local communities in California to protect people, property and resources from wildfires.  Coordination is key to meeting this challenge in a state with 38 million people, increasing development in the wildland urban interface and extreme fire conditions. What can you do? Protect your home. Create 100 feet of defensible space. Reduce your home's fire danger by taking responsibility today -- find out how.

Meet our Veterans Fire Crew

A group of firefighters.

A wildland firefighter monitors a low burning brush fire.
BLM firefighters are trained to use controlled burns to reduce the hazard of a catastropich wildfire caused by excessive fuel buildup.

A wildfire blazes out of control.
A combination of overgrown vegetation makes for a highly combustible environment, and potentially catastrophic results from wildfires.

firefighters and truck near a large blaze
BLM firefighting personnel engaged in suppression operations