Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (CACA-48668)
Federal Process & Documents

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Federal Coordination Process

 Operational -



  - Under Construction

Right-of-Way Grant -

  - Record of Decision

Public Comment Period -


- Notification of Final EIS

Publication of Final EIS (see below) -

  - Notice of Availability of Supplemental Draft EIS
Publication of Supplemental Draft EIS -  
  - Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  
  CEC-BLM Staff Assessment/Draft EIS
Notice of Intent -  


Project Fact Sheet
Project Map
Video (B-roll) of site area, pre-construction

Announcements & Documents

Notice of Intent

Published in Federal Register, 11/05/07
Federal Register correction, 11/14/07
BLM news release issued, 11/06/07 

Publication of the joint CEC-BLM Staff Assessment/Draft EIS

CEC news release issued, 11/04/09
BLM news release issued, 11/06/09

Notice of Availability of Draft EIS

Published by EPA in Federal Register, 11/13/09 
Published by BLM in Federal Register, 11/10/09  
BLM news release, 11/06/09 
Public comment period ended Feb. 11, 2010

Public Comments Received

Notice of Availability of Supplemental Draft EIS

Published by EPA in Federal Register, 04/16/10 
Published by BLM in Federal Register, 04/16/10 
BLM news release,  04/16/10 

Notice of Availability of Final EIS

Published by EPA in Federal Register, 8/6/10 
Published by BLM in Federal Register, 8/6/10 
BLM news release issued, 8/6/10 
Public comment period ended Sept. 7, 2010 

Public Comments Received

Director's Protest Resolution Report

Notice of Availability of Record of Decision

Published by BLM in Federal Register, 10/14/10 
BLM news release issued, 10/7/10


Decision & Authorization Documents

June 10, 2011 Documents

Temporary Suspension of Activities, 4/15/11

Notices to Proceed

Notice to Proceed, 3/2/11
Notice to Proceed, 1/7/11  
Notice to Proceed, 10/7/10

Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision

Record of Decision, 10/7/10

Record of Decision Appendices

Environmental Documents

Final Environmental Impact Statement 

Final EIS: Chapter 4, Affected Environment
Final EIS Appendix A: Summary of Comments  
Final EIS Appendix B-1: Technical Resources
Final EIS Appendix B-2: Visual Resources
Final EIS Appendix C: Additional Information

Final EIS Executive Summary

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

BLM NEPA Handbook

New Biological Opinion (Fish and Wildlife Service), 6/10/11

Reinitiation of Fish and Wildlife Service Consultation

Reinitiation Letter, 2/24/11
Reinitiation Letter Acknowledgement, 3/15/11
Reinitiation Desert Tortoise Calculations, 3/25/11
Reinitiation Memorandum, 3/28/11

Revised Biological Assessment, 4/26/11

Biological Opinion (Fish & Wildlife Service), 10/1/10

Part One (p. 1-25)
Part Two (p. 26-50)
Part Three (p. 51-64)
Part Four (Take Summary Table)

Biological Assessment, December 2009 

Attachment A: Closure, Revegetation, and Rehabilitation Plan
Attachment B: Tortoise Fencing Specifications  
Attachment D: Desert Tortoise Translocation/Relocation Plan
Attachment E: Raven Management Plan
Attachment G: Survey of Translocation Sites
Attachment H: Desert Tortoise Survey Report
Attachment I: Observed Desert Tortoise Sign at ISEGS

State of California Process

Documents, Reports, and Public Participation



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