Oil and Gas Contact Information

Sun setting behind an oil rig.For further information on the BLM Oil and Gas Program, please contact the following:

General Information:

Gary Catledge Public Information Access Center, (916) 978-4400

For specific Program questions:

 Leroy Mohorich, Geologist, Oil & Gas Program Lead, Energy and Minerals, (916) 978-4363

 Steve Kupferman, Chief, Energy and Minerals Branch, (916) 978-4383; or

Jim Scrivner, Deputy State Director, Division of Energy and Minerals, (916) 978-4361

Leasing Information or Questions:

Laurie Moore, Land Law Examiner, Leasing Specialist, (916) 978-4377

Rita Altamira, Land Law Examiner, Lease Assignments and Transfers, Bonds, (916) 978-4378

Debra Marsh, Chief, Branch of Minerals Adjudication, (916) 978-4382

Bakersfield Field Office
3801 Pegasus Avenue
Bakersfield, California 93308

Nora Dedios, Realty Specialist, (805) 391-6129