Geothermal Forms

Mammoth-Pacifics binary powerplant near Mammoth Lakes California.
30MW binary powerplant near Mammmoth Lakes, California.

Forms for Geothermal Exploration Projects
Form 3200-009Notice of Intent to Conduct Resource Exploration Operations
Form 3200-10Notice of Completion of Geothermal Resources Exploration Operations
Typical Forms for Geothermal Operations
Form 3260-2Geothermal Drilling Permit                                                        

Form 3260-3

Geothermal Sundry Notice
Form 3260-4Geothermal Well Completion Report
Form 3260-5Monthly Report of Geothermal Operations
 Typical Forms for Geothermal Leasing
3200-024aOffer to Lease and Lease for Geothermnal Resources
3203-001Nominations of Lands for Competitive Geothermal Leasing