Contacts and References

For further information on the BLM Geothermal Program, please contact the following:


General Information 
Public Information Access Center
2800 Cottage Way            
Office: (916) 978-4400 

Geothermal Leasing Questions:   
Rita Altamira
Land Law Examiner
2800 Cottage Way, Ste W-1623
Ofice: (916) 978-4378
Fax: (916) 978-4389

Laurie Moore
Land Law Examiner
2800 Cottage Way, Ste W-1623
Ofice: (916) 978-4377
Fax: (916) 978-4389


30 Megawatt Geothermal powerplant near Mammoth Lakes California.                                                                                       


          Geothermal powerplant near Mammoth Lakes California.