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Calistoga powerplant with two BLM inspectors. The Geysers, Northern California.
Calistoga powerplant with two BLM inspectors. The Geysers, Northern California.

In regard to geothermal energy, California is "hot."  This energy source, which literally means the "earth's heat," is found throughout California on public lands.  The Obama Administration's emphasis on renewable energy development has translated into an increasing interest in geothermal leasing and exploration in California as well.

BLM is currently  conducting environmental reviews of proposals to consider leasing near Coso Hot Springs in Inyo County and east of the Salton Sea in Imperial County.  New exploration and development projects have also been proposed in the Truckhaven Geothermal Leasing Area in Imperial County and at Mammoth Lakes Geothermal Field in Mono County.

The Geysers field in Lake and Sonoma Counties produces 46 percent of the total royalties from Federal geothermal leases in California with Coso Hot Springs in Inyo County at 34 percent and East Mesa in Imperial County at 17 percent.

Other fields in production include Heber in Imperial County, Mammoth Lakes in Mono County, and Wendel-Amedee in Lassen County.

In 2014, Geothermal leases generated 
approximately 3.71 billion kilowatt hours
of electricity,
enough for 371,000 people.

Activities on all Federal geothermal leases are authorized by the BLM field offices.  For example, activities on leases in The Geysers are reviewed and authorized by the Ukiah Field Office.

Inspection and enforcement responsibilities for Federal geothermal leases in California are geographically divided into two zones - North and South.  All operations on Federal leases located in California North of Sacramento ( North Zone ) are inspected by personnel from the Ukiah Field Office, with assistance from personnel in the Eagle Lake Field Office .  For operations on Federal leases located South of Sacramento ( South Zone ), inspections are coordinated through the  Ridgecrest Field Office , with assistance from both the Bishop and El Centro Field Offices.




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Quick Facts:

BLM California currently oversees geothermal production from 32 Federal leases, which collectively produce approximately 425 megawatts of electricity from 31 individual power plants.

In 2014, total Federal geothermal royalties amounted to $10.2 million.



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