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August 20, 2010
Trinidad Gateway Partners Recognized at North Coast Celebration of CCNM & NLCS 10th Anniversary.  North coast residents and visitors joined the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) and the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) during an evening event in Trinidad, California, on June 19, 2010. Hosted by the BLM and the Trinidad Museum Society, the event celebrated the ten year milestones. About 70 party goers enjoyed birthday cake and refreshments at the Trinidad Town Hall that was decorated with an NLCS exhibit and NLCS-wide photographs taken by local BLM photographer Bob Wick. Lynda Roush, BLM Arcata Field Office Manager, kick-off the celebration by welcoming the guests and introduced Nancy Haug, BLM Northern California District Manager, who provide an introduction to the NLCS.
As recognition of the local California Coastal National Monument partners, CCNM Manager Rick Hanks presented California Coastal National Monument "Rock Star" awards to the partners instrumental in forming and maintaining the CCNM Trinidad Gateway initiative. The CCNM Trinidad Gateway serves as the local focal point and visitor contact location for the national monument, as well as provides local stewardship through an active CCNM Gateway committee. Hanks stated that “the Trinidad Gateway initiative is a model for the other developing CCNM Gateways.” “It demonstrates what can be done with cooperative and collaborative community and agency involvement,” he added. Representatives from the City of Trinidad, Humboldt North Coast Land Trust, Trinidad Rancheria and Trinidad Museum Society were on hand to receive their plaques.  Also honored as “Rock Stars” were the California Department of Fish and Game, California State Parks, Yurok Tribe, Tsurai Ancestral Society, and Humboldt State University Marine Laboratory.
The evening was highlighted with a PowerPoint Presentation by noted wildlife biologist and photographer Ron LeValley. The presentation, crafted from LeValley's 70,000-image library, stressed the critical importance of the California Coastal National Monument's rocks and islands for the survival and seabirds and marine mammals.  [See photos of the event in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 437, 6/23/10, within “North Coast residents celebrate Fish Festival, Coastal Monument, NLCS”]
“California Coastal National Monument” Trinidad Fish Festival Theme.  The BLM was on hand on Sunday, July 20, 2010, as about 2,000 visitors celebrated Trinidad's fishing and arts heritage at the annual Trinidad Fish Festival with this year’s theme being “California Coastal National Monument: A Spectacular Interplay of Land and Sea.” BLM Arcata Field Office Interpretive Specialist Leisyka Parrott organized BLM’s activities at the day-long event. Staff from the Arcata Field Office and the CCNM hosted a booth outside of the Trinidad Town Hall. Inside of the Town Hall was a NLCS display panel and NLCS-wide photographic exhibit with photos taken by local BLM photographer Bob Wick. At the outside booth, BLM personnel provided information about the BLM, the National Landscape Conservation System, and the California Coastal National Monument, as well as a variety of activities for kids. Young festival visitors could color, cut, and assemble their own pelican headband or create CCNM booklets using ocean and coastal related rubber stamps. The most popular activity, however, was making fish prints from rubber replicas of fish, rays, and sea stars. Their parents had the opportunity to chat with BLM staff to learn more about the NLCS, the coastal monument, and other BLM programs. The BLM also staffed a spotting scope station, located near the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, from which festival goers and visitors could view seabirds and seals on the CCNM rocks and islets in the Trinidad harbor area.
The BLM booth was covered by Leisyka Parrott, Hannah Stutzman, a BLM Headwaters Forest Reserve seasonal park guide, and Mindy Miller, a BLM summer intern from the Chicago Botanical Gardens, with assistance from CCNM outreach and partnership coordinator Marcia deChadenedes and CCNM Manager Rick Hanks. Brendan Leigh, a BLM South Spit Cooperative Management Area seasonal park guide, staffed the spotting scope station. Rebecca Smith, another BLM South Spit Cooperative Management Area seasonal park guide, bounced back and forth between the booth and the spotting scope station, helping out with both. Kenneth Burton of the Redwood Region Audubon Society also assisted with the spotting scope station. BLM Arcata Field Office Manager Lynda Roush and archaeologist Dave Johnson were present to assist where necessary. In addition, Arcata Field Office outdoor recreation planner Bruce Cann and law enforcement ranger Jeff Knisley assisted with the set-up and take-down of the booth, as well as the NLCS display and photo exhibit in the Town Hall.  [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 437, 6/23/10, within “North Coast residents celebrate Fish Festival, Coastal Monument, NLCS”]
Pacific Grove Residents & Visitors Join Celebration of NLCS & CCNM at Museum’s “Science Saturday.”  The opening of a BLM temporary exhibit, a cake cutting, trolley tours, Roscoe the snake, and remarks by Congressman Sam Farr were on the program for a 10th anniversary celebration of the BLM’s California Coastal National Monument and National Landscape Conservation System on Saturday, June 26, 2010, in Pacific Grove, California. The BLM partnered with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History to help with the museum’s monthly “Science Saturday” with “Habitats: Past and Present” as its June theme.
The day’s activities centered around the opening of the California Coastal National Monument’s photo exhibit “A Spectacular Interplay of Land and Sea” featuring the photography of BLM’s Bob Wick and a display of marine and terrestrial fossils found in the hills west of Interstate 5, the general location of the California coastline 30 to 65 million years ago. BLM Hollister Field Office's archaeologist Erik Zaborsky and botanist Ryan O’Dell gave a presentation on fossils finds from the Moreno shale formation. BLM’s California Coastal National Monument Manager Rick Hanks conducted trolley-bus tours of the portion of the monument along the coast of Pacific Grove, with seals and seabirds providing the major highlights. “This provided the public a first-hand look of at least a small part of the monument,” said Hanks.
At the day’s end, the event participants gathered in the Museum for some brief comments by the Museum’s education coordinator Annie Holdren, BLM’s Hollister Field Office Manager Rick Cooper, Pacific Grove Mayor Carmelita Garcia, and Congressman Farr. Farr said discussion of the coastal monument began based on interest in putting cell towers and possibly billboards on the coastal rocks. He introduced legislation to protect the rocks, but was unable to get it passed. After a tour and discussion with then-Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, the monument was created by Presidential Proclamation signed by William J. Clinton on January 11, 2000. Farr added that Monterey was California’s first industrial city, producing cattle hides and other commodities but didn’t develop urban sprawl due to residents’ respect for the area’s natural resources. “It’s because of the land and the sea,” he explained. “We didn’t rush into sprawl and cut it all down.” The event was culminated with the cutting of a large 10th anniversary cake by Farr and Hanks with the help of a dozen kids.  [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 438, 7/1/10, within “Pacific Grove residents and visitors join celebration of NLCS, California Coastal National Monument”]
CCNM 10th Anniversary Celebration Continued at Coastal Discovery Fair in San Simeon.  For the fifth year in a row, BLM’s California Coastal National Monument had a booth at the Coastal Discovery Fair, held on Saturday, July 17, 2010, at Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach in San Simeon, California. More than a dozen agencies and organizations participated in this day-long event and each had activities for kids. The California Coastal National Monument used this event to continue the year-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Monument and the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS). At the BLM booth, dozens of kids colored, cut, and assembled pelican headbands, made bookmarks, and measured tidepool animal replicas, while their parents or grandparents discussed the California Coastal National Monument and the NLCS with Monument Manager Rick Hanks, BLM Palm Springs/South Coast Field Office’s monuments interpretative specialist Tracy Albrecht, and BLM volunteer Lance Albrecht. The Coastal Discovery Fair is the annual celebration for the Coastal Discovery Center that is managed by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in cooperation with California State Parks, both of whom are CCNM partners. The Coastal Discovery Center serves as the CCNM’s visitor contact station for its Piedras Blancas-San Simeon Gateway initiative. [See photos of the fair in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 441, 7/12/10, within “CCNM continues Its10th anniversary celebration at Coastal Discovery Fair”]
Posters, Postcards & Pins Popular at CCNM & NLCS Booth at 2nd Annual San Diego Parks & Open Spaces Day.  Posters, postcards, and pins were among the items that were a big hit at the BLM booth that was part of the second annual San Diego Parks and Open Spaces Day. Held on Saturday, July 24, 2010, and sponsored by the National Park Service at Cabrillo National Monument, located on the tip of San Diego’s Point Loma, the day-long event highlighted “parks, natural areas, open spaces and organizations that support the use of these spaces in the San Diego area.” More than two dozen organizations participated in this event. The BLM used this opportunity to continue its year-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of both the California Coastal National Monument and the National Landscape Conservation System. At the BLM booth, CCNM Manager Rick Hanks, Palm Springs/South Coast Field Office monuments interpretative specialist Tracy Albrecht, and BLM volunteer Lance Albrecht handed out CCNM and NLCS posters, postcards, pins, pencils, bandanas, and brochures to and discussed the CCNM, NLCS, and BLM with a large portion of the more than 2,000 visitors to the park that day. Kids visiting the booth were given the opportunity to decorate their own bookmarks using a variety of ocean and marine related rubber stamps. Each bookmark was then laminated, hole-punched, and a small colored ribbon (color chosen by the individual) was tied through the hole to complete the bookmark. Kids could also observe and measure replicated tidepool creatures by using “magna-lenses” with CCNM “Look Who’s Rockin’” lanyards that the kid’s could keep.  [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 443, 8/12/10, within “BLM booth a big hit at 2nd Annual San Diego Parks & Open Spaces Day”]
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Earth Day Visitors Discover California Coastal National Monument.  Cabrillo Marine Aquarium was the site for a well-celebrated Earth Day event where hundreds discovered the California Coastal National Monument. Held in the Los Angeles harbor community San Pedro, California, on Saturday, April 17, 2010, the event provided people of all ages the opportunity to learn more about the offshore rocks and islands comprising the CCNM. The Earth Day activities started early with a coastal clean-up at Point Fermin State Marine Park and Cabrillo beaches. During the rest of the morning and the afternoon, families took part in workshops and activities to learn more about coastal resources. Tracy Albrecht and Donna Chirello of the BLM introduced many visitors to the portion of the California Coastal National Monument seen off the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The 10th anniversary of National Landscape Conservation System was highlighted with the southern California premier showing of the NLCS poster and a BLM poster and bandana giveaway.  [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 428, 4/22/10, within “Earth Day Aquarium visitors discover California Coastal National Monument”]
Not Just for the Birds, CCNM Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary at California Redwoods Bird & Nature Festival.  Hundreds of bird and nature enthusiasts gathered in Crescent City, California, from May 7-9, 2010, to celebrate the unique diversity of birds, habitats, wildlife, native plants, culture, and heritage found in Del Norte County. The California Redwoods Bird and Nature Festival offered specialized programs led by expert local and regional ornithologists, biologists, botanists, naturalists, historians, and American Indians. On Saturday at the “Kids & Goslings Corner,” children celebrated the California Coastal National Monument by creating pelican headbands and coloring shorebird drawings. Artist Gary Bloomfield led a drawing class where children and adults learned how to draw seabirds by engaging their own “inner x-ray glasses” to understand bird skeletons, to make drawing easy and fun. The BLM table was staffed by BLM Arcata Field Office interpretive specialist Leisyka Parrott and CCNM outreach coordinator Marcia deChadenedes who discussed the BLM, NLCS, and CCNM with and handed out brochures and posters to the festival goers. [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 432, 5/20/10, within “Not just for the birds”] 

CCNM Trinidad Gateway Newest “Hands on the Land” Member.  In June of 2010, the California Coastal National Monument Trinidad Gateway was welcomed as the newest member to “Hands on the Land.” Hands on the Land is a national network of field classrooms connecting students, teachers, and parents to their public lands and waterways. Hands on the Land offers educational programs in natural and cultural settings. These programs have been developed collaboratively by public land management agencies, education centers, member sites, and schools. The goal of Hands on the Land is to encourage and support local partnerships between public land management agencies and schools, teachers, and students. In Trinidad, the BLM offers educational programs for students at a field classroom located on public lands. These programs are developed in partnership with Trinidad Union Elementary School and other local schools. It is designed to support established school curriculum and local standards of learning, as well as public agency resource management objectives. Trinidad Union Elementary uses the “Marine Activities, Resources & Education” (MARE) curriculum, developed by the University of California at Berkeley, which complements Hands on the Land goals. “We have provided natural resource interpretation for Trinidad Union Elementary on an as needed basis,” say Leisyka Parrott, BLM Arcata Field Office interpretive specialist. “This opportunity allows us to formalize our relationship with Trinidad Union Elementary and other local schools.”

Trinidad Elementary Takes It Outside.  Students at Trinidad Union Elementary School in Trinidad, California, had the opportunity to “Take It Outside” and explore the tidepools during a day-long fieldtrip to Patrick’s Point State Park on May 18, 2010. The week before, the BLM, in partnership with local marine biologist Susan Sebring, helped Trinidad Elementary kick off their MARE program (Marine Activities Resources and Education) for 2010. MARE is a whole-school interdisciplinary science program that includes events that immerse faculty, students, and families in the study and celebration of the ocean with in-classroom education. The kindergarten through eighth grade students learned about sandy seashores, wetlands, kelp forests, open oceans, rocky seashores, and the California Coastal National Monument. The BLM used this as an opportunity to combine the MARE program with the BLM’s “Take It Outside” initiative, a program to promote and support outdoor activities and experiences of children on the public lands. The program strives to improve the health of our nation's children, families, and communities, while at the same time developing the next generation of public land stewards. BLM is continuing to work with the HSU Marine Lab and the Trinidad Museum in supporting youth to youth education through the MARE program at Trinidad Union Elementary School. [See photos in BLM California News.bytes at, Issue 433, 5/26/10, within “Trinidad Elementary takes it outside”] 

CCNM Trinidad Gateway Receives Conservation Lands Foundation Planning Grant.  The Conservation Lands Foundation, dedicated to supporting local grassroots organizations that work to protect and promote the National Landscape Conservation System, provided an $8,500 grant to the CCNM Trinidad Gateway for the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. On August 13, 2010, the CCNM Trinidad Gateway committee was notified that the gateway initiative received the planning grant. The grant will enable the gateway committee to develop a plan to provide direction for the CCNM Trinidad Gateway programs and activities over the next ten years. The plan will provide a strategic focus, identifying priorities needed to accomplish the strategic goals, and delineating a funding and fundraising plan. “These products will allow us to educate audiences on the benefits of conservation and further achieve our preservation, conservation, and educational mission,” said Julie Fulkerson, Trinidad City councilwoman and the city’s representative on the CCNM Trinidad Gateway committee. 

The grant funding will enable the gateway committee to hire a project coordinator to communicate with the Trinidad Gateway partners, facilitate meetings, draft the strategic plan and present it to the group, and write the final strategic plan. The strategic plan will outline group goals, objectives, and priorities. CCNM Trinidad Gateway committee members city councilwoman Julie Fulkerson, Trinidad Museum Society President Patti Fleschner, and BLM Arcata Field Office interpretive specialist Leisyka Parrott were instrumental in helping the committee obtain the grant. Patti, through the Trinidad Museum Society, will serve as the contact and fiscal coordinator for the grant. The strategic plan is currently scheduled for completion in early 2011.

CCNM Trinidad Gateway was developed to provide a sense of place for the monument in Northern Humboldt County, serving as a visitor contact point and linking the CCNM with the Trinidad community. The group, made up of core-managing partners, collaborative partners, and stewards, has worked together successfully since 2006. Accomplishments include creating a brochure highlighting the CCNM Trinidad Gateway along with organizing and hosting events that demonstrate the significance of the CCNM. Currently the gateway group is developing a kiosk and website featuring Trinidad as a gateway to the CCNM. A Strategic Plan is the next step for the group in achieving its long term conservation interpretation and educational goals.

California Supreme Court Declined to Hear Challenge to Coastal Commission's Authority Over Coastal Fireworks.  On June 10, 2010, Santa Rosa’s The Press Democrat reported that the California Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the Coastal Commission's authority over coastal fireworks, in the Gualala Festivals Committee v. California Coastal Commission case regarding the 2007 fireworks display. The decision leaves intact a San Francisco 1st District Court of Appeals 3 to 0 ruling on March 25, 2010, affirming the commission’s authority. The case in question pitted supporters of an Independence Day pyrotechnic show in Gualala against protectors of seabirds on an island near the Sonoma and Mendocino county line. The article added that the fireworks display was halted after area residents complained it disturbed seabirds on Gualala Point Island. A study in 2007, the second year of the fireworks, indicated seabirds fled their nests at the time of the fireworks show. Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys, representing the fireworks proponents, contend the two incidents were not shown to be related. It contends that the commission does not have jurisdiction over fireworks. The Coastal Commission said the Gualala Festivals Committee needs a coastal permit to continue the show. To obtain a permit, the group would need to demonstrate it could avoid upsetting the birds.
CCNM Present at NLCS “Decade of Discovery” Science Symposium.  The BLM held the first National Landscape Conservation System science symposium, a “Decade of Discovery,” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from May 24-28, 2010. Hosted in partnership with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, the symposium focused on celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the National Landscape Conservation System and the past decade of science. With more than 200 participants (about half were BLM), the symposium highlighted science within the entire NLCS. The focus was not only on the national monuments and the national conservation areas, but on the lesser known designations of the NLCS as well. These include the nationally designated wilderness areas, wilderness study areas, wild and scenic rivers, scenic and historic trails, outstanding natural areas, and forest reserves. The goals of the symposium included sharing scientific discoveries and opportunities, showcasing citizen science, and promoting the NLCS as a place ripe for scientific inquiry.
The middle of the week-long symposium included three days of three concurrent sessions with 134 presentations ranging from geology and paleontology to wildlife and vegetation management and from archaeology to outdoor recreation. CCNM Manager Rick Hanks represented the Monument at the symposium and presented a paper and PowerPoint Presentation entitled “Citizen Science for Managing Terrestrial Maritime Habitats on the California Coastal National Monument.” The presentation used the national BLM award winning volunteer effort of the CCNM Stewards of The Sea Ranch Association CCNM Stewardship Task Force and their monitoring of the seabirds on Gualala Point Island as the example of the outstanding benefits that a successful citizen science initiative can bring to the BLM. The principal author of the paper, Jim Weigand, the BLM California State Office ecologist and CCNM’s Seabird Protection Network coordinator, was unable to attend symposium. The other co-authors of the presentation were Hanks, Diana Hichwa and Rich Kuehn (co-chairs of The Sea Ranch Association CCNM Stewardship Task Force), and contract seabird biologist Ron LeValley.  Along with Mark Conley, BLM California’s NLCS coordinator, Hanks also covered the BLM California booth at the symposium. He handed out 10th anniversary posters of BLM California NLCS units and discussed the California Coastal National Monument. 
Sea Ranch Stewards Complete Fourth Year of Five-Year Intensive Seabird Monitoring Program.  The Sea Ranch Association (TSRA) CCNM Stewardship Task Force completed their fourth season of a five-year intensive monitoring program of nesting seabirds on Gualala Point Island. Located off the northwestern portion of The Sea Ranch properties, Gualala Point Island is part of the CCNM. The intensive monitoring spanned 20 days from two locations three times a day from June 25th through July 14th. Jim Weigand, BLM California State Office ecologist and CCNM Seabird Protection Network coordinator, was on-site at The Sea Ranch during the 20-day intensive monitoring period. This intensive monitoring augments the Task Force’s monitoring program of three CCNM island ecosystems from four onshore locations, a program that intensifies each year from April through August during the seabird nesting period. During this time, the Task Force increases their monitoring from monthly to weekly. Brandt's Cormorant nests were 50% of the average number and nesting began late in the season. This is a feature typical of an El Niño year. Two pairs of Pelagic Cormorants nested successfully on the island cliff, the first productive nests since the study began. Western Gulls occupied nest sites fully as in previous years, but chick mortality was higher than in recent years. For the third consecutive year, the Task Force has been able to view Black Guillemot chicks in their natal crevices from both on-shore vantage points.  
CCNM Related Meetings, Conference Calls & Events.  In addition to the various meetings, activities, and actions discussed above, the CCNM Manager, other CCNM staff, and the managers and staff of the BLM California State Office and coastal field offices (FOs) also participated in a variety of meetings, conference calls, events and activities, including the following: 
  • Worked with Calla Allison, City of Laguna Beach Marine Safety Officer, & developed & installed a CCNM interpretive panel installed at Bird Rock in Heisler Park (Tracy Albrecht), Laguna Beach, CA, April 21, 2010 
  • CCNM Photo Exhibit on display & attended California Trails & Greenways Conference (Marcia deChadenedes), Cambria, CA, April 21-23, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Trinidad Gateway Committee re: CCNM 10 year anniversary celebration, Fish Festival & CCNM kiosk outside Trinidad Museum (Lynda Roush, Bob Wick, Leisyka Parrott & Lauren Pidot), Trinidad, CA, April 28, 2010 
  • Meeting re: CCNM 10th anniversary celebration at Trinidad Fish Festival (Roush, Parrott & Dave Johnson), Arcata, CA, May 10, 2010 
  • Meeting re: CCNM Trinidad Gateway kiosk progress (Wick & Parrott), Arcata, CA, May 11, 2010 
  • Classroom presentations at Trinidad Union Elementary School teaching intertidal ecology & the CCNM to grades K-8 (3 classrooms each day) in preparation of tidepooling field trip (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, May 12-14, 2010 
  • Tidepooling field trip & CCNM viewing with Trinidad Union Elementary School, grades K-8, (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, May 18, 2010 
  • Conference call with BLM Hollister Field Office re: planning for CCNM-NLCS event at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, (Rick Hanks, Rick Cooper, George Hill, Erik Zaborsky & deChadenedes), May 19, 2010 
  • Meeting with Alec Arego, Congressman Sam Farr’s Salinas Office Chief of Staff, re: CCNM update & Central Coast Geotourism Project concept (Hanks), Salinas, CA, May 20, 2010 
  • Conference call with BLM Hollister Field Office re: planning for CCNM-NLCS event at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, (Hanks, Cooper, Hill, Zaborsky, deChadenedes, Eric Morgan & Bruce Delgado), June 2, 2010 
  • Meeting with Anna Weinstein, Audubon California seabird biologist, re: CCNM significant seabird areas & North Coast’s Marine Life Protection Act proposed Special Closures (Hanks), Santa Cruz, CA, June 3, 2010 
  • Meeting of Monterey Bay Area Sustainable Tourism Group (Hanks & deChadenedes), Moss Landing, CA, June 6, 2010 
  • Meeting with Laguna Ocean Foundation board member Ed Almanza re: outlining CCNM financial support towards black oystercatcher nesting survey (Greg Thomsen), Laguna Beach, CA, June 8, 2010 
  • Conference call with City of Laguna Beach Marine Protection Officer Calla Allison re: unveiling ceremony for CCNM interpretive panel in Heisler Park & to explore agency roles in new Orange County Marine Protection Area committee (Thomsen), June 8, 2010 
  • Pre-run of CCNM trolley-bus tour for CCNM-NLCS event at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, (Hanks, Zaborsky & deChadenedes), Pacific Grove, CA, June 14, 2010 
  • Meeting with Mike Rushton, ICF International Principal, re: CCNM Business Plan (Hanks), Monterey, CA, June15, 2010 
  • Meeting with Humboldt North Coast Land Trust President Ben Morehead re: possible joint trail improvement & weed management projects in Trinidad (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, June 15, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Point Arena Gateway Committee (Hanks & Rich Burns), Point Arena, CA, June 17, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Trinidad Gateway Sub-Committee with Kevin McKernan of Conservation Lands Foundation re: CCNM Trinidad Gateway Strategic Plan (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, June 22, 2010 
  • WebEx conference call re: CCNM Interpretive Plan (Hanks, deChadenedes, Cooper, Morgan, Thomsen, Parrott, Albrecht, Larry Ames, David Christy, Josh Hammari & Andrew Breaux), June 23, 2010 
  • Meeting of Seabird Protection Network Technical Advisory Meeting (Hanks, deChadenedes & Morgan), Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, San Francisco, CA, June 24, 2010 
  • Meeting re: Seabird Protection Network & Torch Spill Restoration Project (Hanks, deChadenedes & Morgan), San Francisco, CA, June 24, 2010 
  • Meeting of Humboldt North Coast Land Trust Board of Directors re: possible joint projects with CCNM (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, July 1, 2010 
  • Meeting re: initiation of Enforcement Component for Torch Spill Seabird Disturbance Program (Hanks, Cooper, Morgan, Brian Martin, Kelly Cole, Sean Shea & Zoe Brinsfield), Hollister, CA, July 13, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Trinidad Gateway Committee (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, July 13, 2010 
  • Provided to Crystal Cove State Park education coordinator Winter Bonnin with CCNM magna-lenses & lanyards for use with student tidepool studies field trips (Albrecht), July 15, 2010 
  • Meeting of Monterey Bay Area Sustainable Tourism Group (Hanks), Moss Landing, CA, July 16, 2010 
  • Site tour of coastal portion Pacific Gas & Electric Diablo Canyon property & proposed seismic monitoring site with PG&E Senior Terrestrial Biologist Sally Krenn (Hanks), Avila Beach, CA, July 22, 2010 
  • Provided Cabrillo National Monument education coordinator Bonnie Phillips with CCNM magna-lenses & lanyards for use with student tidepool studies (Albrecht), San Diego, CA, July 24, 2010 
  • Submitted grant request to Conservation Lands Foundation for assistance in creating strategic plan for CCNM Trinidad Gateway (Parrott), July 27, 2010 
  • Represented CCNM at County of San Diego Board of Supervisors strategy session on completing California Coastal Trail (Thomsen), San Diego, CA, July 28, 2010
  • NLCS monthly conference call for California & Nevada (Hanks), August 2, 2010 
  • Field review of Big Sur rocks & islets (Hanks & Breaux), Monterey & San Luis Obispo, CA, August 3, 2010 
  • Interpretive program presentation re: CCNM, birds that use it, & how birds adapt to the environment, Thousand Palms Library summer program series for families (Albrecht), Thousand Palms, CA, August 4, 2010 
  • Webinar with North Coast Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Special Closure Work Group (Hanks), August 4, 2010 
  • Conference call with Green & Flatiron Rocks Sub-Group of North Coast MLPA Special Closure Work Group (Hanks), August 4, 2010 
  • Meeting with Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Director Lori Mannel re: draft CCNM Collaborative Partner MOU & CCNM Gateway initiative (Hanks), Pacific Grove, CA, August 4, 2010 
  • Conference with California Coastwalk California project manager Rue Furch to brainstorm segments of California Coastal Trail to sign in Southern California (Thomsen), August 10, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Trinidad Gateway Sub-Committee to discuss strategic plan development & implementation (Parrott), Trinidad, CA, August 17, 2010 
  • Conference with & developed spreadsheet for California Coastwalk California project manager Rue Furch to continue brainstorm of promising segments of California Coastal Trail to sign in Southern California (Thomsen), August 17, 2010 
  • Meeting of CCNM Point Arena Gateway Committee (Hanks & Burns), Point Arena, CA, August 19, 2010

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