California Coastal National Monument

Seabird Egg Carton Craft

Black oystercatcher craft.  Photo by CA State Parks

Materials Needed

2 egg carton cups
black tempra paint, or acrylic paint
orange and black construction paper scraps
OPTIONAL: two small wiggly eyes


  1. Cut two cups from an egg carton and trim to smooth out
  2. Paint the cups black on the outside--paint the inside too if you like--then let dry
  3. Tape the two cups together, using one piece of tape on the inside of the cups to make a "ball shape" from the egg cartons that opens and shuts
  4. Cut out a couple of triangle shapes and tape them to the openings to make a beak
  5. Use wiggly eyes or a black marker to add eyes
  6. Add black construction paper wings & orange construction paper feet and then glue them on
  7. You can put a little treasure inside the penguin (jellybeans or chocolate)


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