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 A comprehensive and cooperative management plan for the California Coastal National Monument, covering more than 20,000 rocks and islands along the scenic 1,100-mile California coast, has been approved by the U. S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

BLM State Director Mike Pool signed the official Record of Decision approving the plan. Ryan Broddrick, director of the California Department of Fish and Game, and Ruth Coleman, director of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, also signed a supporting statement with the plan signifying their agencies' roles as "core-managing partners" of the monument.

The plan contains broad direction for the protection of the geologic formations and habitats for seabirds, sea lions, seals, and plant life. It focuses heavily on multi-agency and other partnerships and involvement of local communities as the keys to management and protection.

The plan outlines how the BLM, California Department of Fish and Game and California Department of Parks and Recreation will coordinate day-to-day management of the monument, and the roles of collaborative and stewardship partners. A key element will be future establishment of "gateway communities" up and down the coast, involving areas, cities, and towns in helping to manage and interpret the monument.

The California Coastal National Monument includes the rocks and small islands stretching the length of the coast, above mean high tide, out 12 nautical miles. It does not include major islands such as the eight Channel Islands, the Farallon Islands, or the islands in San Francisco Bay.

Copies of the decision are available upon request from the monument office at:

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