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Aspen Delineation Project

Aspen Delineation ProjectThe Aspen Delineation Project is a cooperative interagency effort involving BLM, U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and California Department of Fish and Game to assess the extent, condition, history of treatment, and management options for quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) in the Sierra Nevada and Warner Mountains. The principal investigator for this project is David Burton, a volunteer with BLM and the USFS who has been working on aspen issues for the past three years. The primary objective of the Aspen Delineation Project is to promote the development and implementation of standardized aspen inventory and stand assessment protocols among cooperating land and resource management agencies in California. In 2003, a CD-ROM entitled "Protocol for Recording Aspen Location and Condition" was produced and distributed to cooperating agency personnel. Copies of this CD-ROM may obtained by contacting Ed Lorentzen in the California State Office at 916-978-4646. A preliminary Aspen Bibliography was also produced in 2003 (see link below). This electronic aspen bibliographic database will be annotated in FY 2004 and expanded to include library documents that are not readily available in electronic format. Other Aspen Delineation Project activities are summarized in the annual reports that may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links. Questions about Aspen Delineation Project activities planned for 2004 may be addressed to the Principal Investigator, David Burton, at 916-663-2574.

Aspen Bibliography, October 2003 (PDF, 1.5 mb)

2002 Summary Report (PDF, 27 kb)

2003 Summary Report
(PDF, 115 kb)