Algodones Dunes Special Status Plant Monitoring Studies 1998-2015  

Amargosa Niterwort Monitoring Study (PDF, 4.6 mb)

Aspen Delineation Project

BLM Special Status Species Management (6840 Manual) (PDF, 454 kb)

California-BLM Special Status Plants (PDF, 588 kb).  Also see additional lists on the Special Status Plant Management Program page (link below).

Endangered and Threatened Species in California (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Web site)

Endangered Species Act of 1973 (PDF, 268 kb)

Native Plant Materials Manual (PDF, 401 kb) and Handbook (PDF, 488 kb)

Noxious Weeds

Reports.  Reports prepared on special status plants, vegetation, native plant materials, and other botanical resources.

Special Status Plant Management Program