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Gold Pass Mine


Partial Map of the
Rademacher Hills Trail Area
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This is an ongoing program to assess the potential impacts to human health and safety from inactive and abandoned mines in a very high-use recreation area. Characterization studies, primarily focused on BLM managed land within the Rademacher Hills Recreation Area, conducted in May, 2001, identified 44 mine sites within two miles of Cerro Coso Junior College (see map) ranging from minimal to very high hazard potential. Because the area is publicized and heavily used by hikers, bikers, OHV, equestrians, and others, and it's proximity to the city of Ridgecrest and the Junior college, the BLM has an ongoing commitment to evaluate and mitigate safety issues related to past mine activity. At a later date an inventory will be conducted on mine sites in adjacent areas of lesser,but still significant, use.

HISTORY: Not long ago the area was a postindustrial mess, primarily used as a dumping ground for everything from autos to construction debris. In the early 1990's The BLM halted illegal OHV use and coordinated with the local high school, Boy Scouts and the Sierra Club to haul away trash and generally rehabilitate the area. Today the Viewshed is comprised of 500 acres of trails that is attractive to joggers, cyclists and a mix of other recreational uses.

For a description of the area please visit the following site Rademacher Hills or the Ridgecrest Field Office