Larious Canyon Mill Site - Abandoned Mine Lands Project

Site Narrative

The Larious Canyon mill site was another small operation with a retort oven similar in size and construction to that of the Xanadu Mill site. This site is within a perennial riparian zone. Cleanup action was especially necessary to reduce downstream transport of mercury contaminated sediments. In the 1950´s, a cabin was built on this location, but a fire destroyed the cabin and only the concrete steps remained prior to the remediation project.


The remediation plan was developed for entombment of all retort oven materials and associated calcines, to both remove the human health and environmental impacts. Costs for restoration have not yet been determined.

Risks:  Water quality, Hg contamination

AMLIS #:  CA013200002

Location:  N41 50 26, W120 21 42

Field Office:  Hollister

Congressional District:  17

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Larious retort
Larious Canyon mercury retort before restoration