Jade Mill Site - Abandoned Mine Lands Project

Site Narrative

The Jade Mill Site probably began operations sometime around 1900 and, based on the volume of retort tailings, produced an estimated 50 flasks of mercury. The site contained two brick and one metal retorts, a two-bedroom cabin, a water well, and several outbuildings. Total retort tailings was estimated at about 500 cubic yards. In the 1970's the site was used for gemstone production.

Restoration and Costs

Site restoration began in the Spring of 2001 and was completed in the Summer of the same year. All structures were removed, all retort brick and calcine wastes were buried on site and capped. The site was fenced and seeded. Total costs for the project is approximately $3,500. This site is currently used as a public camping site.

Risks:  Water quality, Hg contamination

AMLIS #:  CA021900005

Location:  N41 50 26, W120 21 42

Field Office:  Hollister

Congressional District:  17

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Jade before  
Jade Millsite before and after cleanup and reclamation
Jade after