Abandoned Mine Land Projects/ Sites

BLM rotinely conducts biological and historic evaluations of abandoned mines as part of the remediation planning process, as shown in this picture.Picture taken by S.White.
BLM interdisciplinary team inventories abandoned shaft near Ridgecrest, CA.

Former mill building in Red Mountain California-BLM public lands, with mine tailings in the bakground.Picture taken by S.White.
Kelly mine in Red Mountain CA, with mine tailings in the background.

  A contractor hired to close abandoned mines south of Riverside CA uses a specialized piece of machinery called a "Spider".  The machine can travel across the land with minimal impact to the environment. Picture taken by S.White. 
Closure of an abandoned mine south of Riverside CA.

Bureau of Land Management maintains an inventory of 18,000 known abandoned mine sites in California . Most sites contain hazardous materials impact public and environment. 

Physical Safety Hazards include:  

          • open shafts and adits 
          • highwalls 
          • open pits

Physical Safety Hazard projects help improve public safety and impacts on wildlife.

Environmental issues impact: 

          • water quality
          • soil and air

The Abandoned Mine Land environmental projects remediate dangers to the environment and public health on BLM public lands.

BLM strives to complete ongoing environmental and physical remediation projects before undertaking new projects. 


AML Projects

Environmental Safety  Hazards

Physical Safety Hazards