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California Desert District

West Mojave Route Network Project Subgroup 

Subgroup Information

WEMO Subgroup Report to DAC , June 2013
Due to file size and 508 Compliance issues Appendix 4 to the DAC WEMO Subgroup Report is only available in CD format by request. Please send request to along with a mailing address. Limit one CD per request.

Dissenting Report of the Subgroup’s Final Report
Separate Comments from Subgroup member, Mark Algazy

What is it?

The Bureau of Land Management is currently reviewing and approving route network and travel management plans to implement the West Mojave Plan . The West Mojave Route Network Project Subgroup (WRNPS) is charged with providing input to the BLM regarding route-specific and network issues pertinent to the West Mojave Planning Area in a timely manner for BLM to consider during this review. The WRNPS is operating under the authority of the California Desert District Desert Advisory Council (DAC ) . This subgroup was approved in December 2011, to efficiently leverage existing public knowledge of this area’s routes and associated resource values, and to provide an effective mechanism for sharing this knowledge and providing it to BLM for consideration. This Subgroup was formed to comply with federal regulations and the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which governs such arrangements.   

Current Members 



Dinah Shumway

Desert Advisory Council

Kim Erb

Alternate DAC

Randy Banis

Alternate DAC

Ron Schiller

Motor-dependent Activities

Jill Bays

Biological Resources

Tom Budlong

Alternate Biological

Robert Reynolds

Non-biological Resources

Ed Waldheim

Motorized Recreation

Bill Maddux

Motorized Recreation

Jim Wilson

Alternate Motorized

Mark Algazy


Jim Kenney


Tom Laymon


Members of the Subgroup apply to the District Manager for consideration, who then makes selections and submits them to the DAC for review and approval.  Those selected must provide expertise in:

  • Non-renewable and Renewable Industry interests
  • Motorized and Non-motorized Recreation interests
  • Biological and Non-biological Conservation interests
  • Public-at-large/Local interests

The group will consist of 9 members, with at least one member from the DAC. Dinah Shumway was approved as the primary DAC representative for this Subgroup at the December 2011 DAC meeting.

When is it?

Monthly or more frequent project meetings will be held through April 2013. Upon completing its report for BLM in April of 2013, the WRNPS will be terminated. Public participation at these Subgroup meetings is encouraged. The West Mojave network and all travel management implementation plans must be analyzed, circulated for public feedback, and approved by BLM no later than March 31, 2014, to comply with an existing court remand.

Public Comments

Any comments related to a specific route can be emailed to

The comments should include a map at appropriate scale (USGS quadrangle, West Mojave FEIS or TMA posted maps, or similar scale), specific location (Latitude/Longitude, UTM or Township, Range and Section Number), and the current route name or number, if known. Please also include helpful pictures that clarify or support your comment.


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