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California Desert District

California Desert District Advisory Council

Mark Algazy


Term Expires 5/30/2017

Mark Algazy is a native Angelino who has been recreating in the West Mojave for over 30 years, both on foot and by four wheel drive. Often primitive camping for a week at a time, he has become intimately familiar with many of the desert's unique features, cycles and frailties. He also has a keen interest in studying and preserving human history in the desert, which he formalized thru training in the California Archeological Site Steward Program. Admitted to the State Bar in 1988, he has turned his legal training towards land use issues through several groups and projects including most recently the DAC's West Mojave Route Network Subgroup. He is also a standing member of The Friends of Jawbone, The Friends of Last Chance Canyon, The Friends of Public Lands Cabins and the Public Lands Round Table in Ridgecrest, donating hundreds of volunteer hours each year to providing input and advice on multiple land use issues. As the successful owner of a small retail business, he also understands a lot about working with the public, listening and acknowledging the concerns of others, the fine art of compromise and how to close a deal. Endorsed by both the Sierra Club and the Blue Ribbon Coalition, he intends to bring the sort of balanced discussion and reasoned decision-making to the DAC in representing the Public-at-Large

Mark Algazy