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California Desert District

Connecting People to the Desert Subgroup

Next Meeting:


  June 9, 2015


  3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


  Barstow Field Office
  2601 Barstow Rd.
  Barstow, CA 92311

The California Desert District Bureau of Land Management manages 11 million acres of public land in southern California. These lands include sandy washes, remote canyons, riparian areas, rocky peaks and historic and archaeological sites. One of the key tenets of the BLM's mission is to educate visitors and residents about the California desert's rich history and archaeology; unique wildlife and vegetation; important geology and minerals; fragile water resources; and economic and recreational opportunities.

What is it?

This Subgroup of the California Desert Advisory Council will provide advice and recommendations to the BLM through the Desert Advisory Council.

The focus of the subgroup will be to make recommendations on how to connect youth and adults with the spectacular resources of the California desert by identifying education and interpretation opportunities in the sciences, recreation, the arts, economics and history.

The Subgroup will identify education and interpretation opportunities related to the Bureau of Land Management's current portfolio of multiple use land designations and will not recommend changes to these land designations.

The BLM and the DAC will seek applicants for this subgroup from individuals throughout southern California.

Who is it?

Members of the Subgroup have expertise in education, outreach or marketing combined with one or more of the following areas:

  • Cultural, Performing or Visual Arts
  • Recreation
  • Archaeology
  • Geology or Paleontology
  • History (Military, Westward Expansion, Mining, or other)
  • Economics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Writing and Literature
  • Film
  • Sociology or Anthropology

The group consist of 7-9 members, with at least one member from the DAC.



Seth Shteir

Desert Advisory Council Representative

Timothy Branning

Film Industry

Laraine D. Turk


Jane Brockhurst

Cultural/Performing & Visual Arts

Sheri Davis

Film Industry

Caroline Conway

Environmental Education

Kim Stringfellow

Visual Arts

Robert Reynolds


James Kenney

Outdoor Recreation

Peter Siminski

Biological Sciences

Lesley HughesRestoration/Interpretation

When is it?

With a projected four (4) meetings a year, and public participation encouraged, the Subgroup should continue to provide to the BLM through the DAC collaboration and advice on opportunities related to education and interpretation.

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