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Carrizo Plain Narional Monument Advisory Committee

Carl Twisselman

Central California Advisory Council

Term Expires:  08/25/2011

Carl Twisselman is the appointed representative for the Bureau of Land Management's Central California Resource Advisory Council, a citizen group that advises the agency on the management of public lands and natural resources in the Central California region.  Carl has spent more than 40 years as a cattle rancher.  He is a BLM permit holder and has experience in rangeland health, outdoor recreation, land management and mineral extraction.  He is a veteran council member and was the chairperson of the Grazing Standards and Guidelines Committee, Recreation Standards and Guidelines Committee, Carrizo Plains Natural Area Advisory Committee and the Rangeland Improvements Committee.  He has been a member of several grazing advisory boards and the Cattlemen's Association.   

Carl has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley.   He also serves a variety of community organizations including the Mckittrick Elementary School district, Golden Empire Special Education Partnership, Kern autism Network, and the Kern County Cattleman's Association.