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Release Date: 02/07/14
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News Release No. CC-14-22

BLM Plans Keyesville Area Recreation Public Workshop

The Bakersfield Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management will host a public workshop Wednesday, Feb. 26, in Lake Isabella to solicit community input on management of public lands in the Keyesville area. The workshop will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Kern River Valley Branch of the Kern County Library, 7054 Lake Isabella Blvd.

Keyesville embraces the lower Kern River west of Highway 155 and receives high levels of use. The planning area encompasses over 7,000 acres of public land, extending north past Sawmill Road to Highway 155 above Wofford Heights. With a rich history dating back to the discovery of gold in the late 1800’s, Keyesville continues to host a diversity of activities today. Gold mining has been joined by whitewater boating, camping, mountain biking, off-highway vehicle use and a variety of other activities. 

The BLM is seeking the help of the local community to develop specific management direction for the area. Specifically, the BLM wishes to solicit input from everyone with an interest in Keyesville regarding any concerns they may have and any opportunities they feel should be explored. This feedback will help guide management direction for the area.

"We're asking the public, starting with the residents of the Kern River Valley, to provide their thoughts on how Keyesville should be managed," said Gabriel Garcia, Bakersfield Field Office manager. "We're looking for input on how to manage the various activities in Keyesville so that conflicts are minimized, resources are protected and visitors have a positive experience. Decisions will address what facilities are needed, such as parking and trails. We believe that an effective partnership between BLM and the local communities could transform Keyesville into a showcase for the valley."

The workshop will include a short overview of the planning area, as well as a discussion of the management direction within the Proposed Bakersfield Resource Management Plan. These presentations will be followed by a session in which participants can identify noteworthy resource values, ongoing challenges to effective management, and opportunities for future management. Feedback from the workshop will be used to identify potential solutions and specific management direction. Additional meetings will be scheduled in order plan how Keyesville can be managed in partnership with the community.

For further information on the public workshop, contact Steve Larson at (661) 391-6099, email:, Bakersfield Field Office, Bureau of Land Management, 3801 Pegasus Drive, Bakersfield CA 93308. 


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