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Release Date: 11/25/13
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News Release No. CA-CDD-14-08

Cadiz Dunes Wilderness to Celebrate Anniversary of Wilderness Act

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Needles Office, invites the public to the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness on December 14, 2013, to kick off a yearlong, national celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Concurrently, the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness, as well as all wilderness units managed by the Needles Office, are celebrating their 20th Anniversary as designated wilderness areas.

California Desert wilderness units were set aside to preserve unrivaled scenic, geologic, and wildlife values associated with these unique natural landscapes. In addition, these wilderness units highlight the historical and cultural values associated with ancient Native American cultures, patterns of western exploration and settlement, and sites exemplifying the mining, ranching and railroad history of the old west.

The 21,300 acre Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area encompasses the major portion of the Cadiz Dune system and desert shrub lowlands just east of the Cadiz Dry Lake. The pristine nature of the dunes and the beautiful spring displays of unique dune plants and Ajo Lilies have made the area a favorite for photographers. Two vehicle routes parallel the boundary to access the base of the dunes on the north and south ends. The northern route leads to the large dunes and trailhead, while the southern route leads to ideal camping locations.

For the December 14 event, visitors will need 4x4 vehicles and knowledge of sand driving to access the trailhead. No motorized or mechanized travel is allowed within the wilderness area.   A BLM staff member will be on duty in the sand dunes throughout the day. Come hike, photograph or make sand angels during this winter season. Contact the Needles Field Office at 760-326-7000 for further information. Visit for other events within your area.


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