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Release Date: 05/31/13
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News Release No. CA-CDD-13-43

BLM Releases Business Plan for Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released the 2013 Final Business Plan for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA). The plan contains the overall financial strategy for managing the ISDRA, including a proposal for adjusting fees to sustain current levels of emergency medical services, search and rescue, law enforcement, and maintenance necessary for visitor safety in the recreation area.

The proposed adjustments for off-site sales would increase weekly fees by $10 and season permits by $60. The new proposed off-site weekly fee would be $35 and the season permit would be $150. Fees would be eliminated from April 15 through September 30, shortening the fee season. 

In response to input from Imperial County and the general public on earlier fee proposals, the season permit was re-instated and proposed fee increases were reduced. The BLM has been working to reduce operating costs while meeting obligations for multiple use management and still providing services for recreational visitors within a viable budget.

In order to keep fees low, the BLM has decreased the ISDRA operating budget from $6.1 million in the 2003 Business Plan, to $5 million in the 2012 Draft Plan, to $4.6 million in this plan. To do so, the BLM has cancelled activities such as "Mini-Clean-up" days, OHV registration events, outreach and education events, and ATV safety courses. Facility maintenance is now restricted to removing sand from existing roads and staffing levels are significantly reduced from 2003 levels.

Under the proposed business plan, fees would contribute about two-thirds of the revenue needed to manage the recreation area. The remaining funds would come from annually appropriated federal funds and grants from various sources.

The public is invited to comment on the plan through Sunday, June 30. Following the comment period, the plan will undergo a final internal review. The BLM anticipates presenting the business plan and fee proposal to the Recreation/Resource Advisory Council or the Desert Advisory Council in August and finalizing new fees in time for the 2014 season beginning October 1.

The business plan, including the complete proposed fee structure is available at ( Comments may be submitted to The latest news regarding the ISDRA is always available at


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